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Finally reached beta-stage of the site… !

This place is:

Like me: Very much under construction. I will add galleries and media and tests and films and thoughts as time allows…

Schedule? To have moved the most important stuff in here by July 2014…

At the moment my work is spread all over. Images, films, writings, geekery, art-related and general “whatever”.
Several places on the net + on a few of my hard-drives.
Ambition is to collect “me” in one place… In a way that makes the work accessible.

Updates will probably be abrupt and come in chunks.

Mostly I am a hired gun…

I sometimes get the questions:
Do you have a port?
Do you have a reel?
Do you edit?
Do you teach?
What do you do, really?

This is my attempt at answering that.

I  sometimes get accused of making long and complex answers.
I guess this site could be seen as one of those, but still… Here is what I do.

As a general rule of thumb, this place is about me…
And things I can do for you or me. Or someone else.
And a bit of documentation and a few galleries.
And things you can rent or buy, or just look at and listen to.
And my ramblings about whatever I ramble about, being the situation somewhere that interest me, or geeky or artsy things.

If you want to get in touch, mail is an excellent option:

I am on Facebook and usually befriend most people asking:

Gee, I am even on Instagram:

And occasionally on Twitter:

This is more or less what I look like:



All imagery on gunleik.com is © Gunleik Groven, unless otherwise stated. For TFP shoots, the images belong to me and the model.
It is possible to buy images for editorial or stock usage. I’ll even sell you large prints of most of them….
Contact: gunleikgroven@gmail.com