Mostly just hello!



Have been thinking of doing something like this for years, but have always been distraught by the effort.


Say hello.

Have a look around.

Book me if you wanna or buy some stuff. LOL

Have fun!



All imagery on is © Gunleik Groven, unless otherwise stated. For TFP shoots, the images belong to me and the model.
It is possible to buy most images for editorial, commercial or stock usage. I’ll even sell you large prints of them….

4 Responses to "Mostly just hello!"

  1. Jeb

    your posts on shut up and shot that scarlet are gone … they were awesome … where are they now?

    • gunleik

      Hi and THX.

      I never posted any images to that thread…

      There are a few other image-threads that I have been posting a bit to, though.


      • Jeb

        hmmm … they were from Asia .. and a rather stunning girl … I’m leaving for Cambodia and Vietnam in a few weeks for a month … any concerns taking a Scarlet kit? Many years in China with no problems with pro gear, but first time in SE Asia.


  2. gunleik

    Probably in the “Shut up and shoot that RED” thread in the Epic section…

    Watch this place, though.

    No issues travelling with the Epic, but I have not been in Cambodia and Vietnam yet.

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