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Some 4 years ago, Tuva approached me with the idea of making a new movie. About everything “Normal”.

We had just finnished recording (and was far from even approaching the early stages of editing) Sanctuary.
I guess I was initially less than enthused.

But eventually she had me over. (She can be rather convincing) and we started working on the idea.

Not sure if I regret that or not. It has been the most bumpy road imaginable. On many levels.
But all of a sudden I am sitting here finishing audio and colors on this piece.
Somehow thinking that this weird little piece of film will “for sure” conquer the world.

In Norwegian.

People are strange, when you’re a stranger…

And somehow that is pretty normal…


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It is possible to buy most images for editorial, commercial or stock usage. I’ll even sell you large prints of them….

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