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Prepping an edit-screening with assembled audio and rough-grade.

And until rendering, everything turned out just fine in Resolve.

Resolve has a few quirks still (at least the copy I am sitting on here)
When conforming RED-RAW files you must change the default TC setting in the RED-RAW tab. from “Camera” to “Absulute”, then it conforms like a dream from a FCP7 XML.
This time a lot of the “basic motion” settings did not come over.


Bliss is that basic retiming works. But I am not on the latest 10 atm. Could have been fixed for all I know.What happened when prepping the export was slightly more scary…

When I hit the export button (all done and very happy), I got a “Codec not installed” warning.
Which was kinda funny after grading to my hearts content for a session.

And it did not make sense… I had been grading on that bleeding codec for a day or more… I started to clean up the project (and thus introduced a few faults… as it was actually ) before clearing it up.

The ACTUAL issue was that Resolve did not want to render to disk I wanted to render to. Maybe because the media-clips were stored on a different disk?
Could be a database thingy.
But a message simply saing something like “choose a different disk” or preferably (if that is the case) “render to this XXX volume to be allowed to move on” message, would have been slightly more heartening.After a while, I had it sorted, though. Just something to remember.First session with Nuendo 6.

And it has been great to work with. Outright outstanding.
Took a little bit to get used to the GUI changes, but then it was rock’n roll.
Love working in Nuendo for film mixes.

And why do I have even time to ramble about what happened when I should be running to upload the preview?

FCP says it needs another hour to make the H264 file I need to upload.

Frenzy on one hand.
Nothing to do but wait on the other.

And then the inevitable judgement from the funders.



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