Dragon and ADD

RED released a new development/debayering tech for their Dragon camera today.


It is ignificant for low/underexposure and pulling stills from film (if you either shoot stills or do combo gigs).
The clearity of the images and lack of noise is pretty dramatically improved from what was already really good.

If you shoot with a dual shutter in HDRx and thus effectively underexpose the “stills” track, this is really a great tech.

My guess is that as this trickles into the SDK, this will become the default way of developing online files for or from a final grade.
It will be part of redline and can thus be farmed out to clusters from RCX (if you do EXR for ACES or VFX)

And at least for commercials, I guess this will be pretty much the def

TWO 1:1 crops (click the images to see the 1:1) from the same frame.

1:1 crop from 6k source + ADD (RLF, no grade)

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at PM 07.20.34


1:1 crop from 6k source + Normal TIFF export (RLF, no grade)

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at PM 07.20.18



Scaled to 2k (click on the images to get a full frame):

Normal export



Exported with ADD



This is just a quickie, but this is really promising for the future of Dragon.



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