A few years ago, I figured I wanted to get better at cinematography and photography. I was involved with productions for the Norwegian Broadcast Corp, and did my own films.

But films and TV-series take a lot of  time, You are kinda disconnected from the projects before they get around to be released. I just wanted a bit of quick turnaround. Allmost like a concert:
Play —> Applause!

Now, get a beer and be happy!

I was simply tired of my own images, so I made myself a project of shooting “something” every day to see if there was room for improvement.
In a previous life, I had done a bit of commercial imagery, pack-shots and glossy stuff for commercials, but I do care more about people, relations, dis-relations, absurd, erotic and emotional stuff.
After a while, the whole stills thing became a bit more articulated.

Now. All of a sudden I have “a lot” of stills, and do some still-work. And I realize that “what I have done” don’t do me much good being spread “all over” in random contexts. Or in my drawers.
Structuring and organizing the material takes time. And I have not too much of that. Has kept me off it, until I realized I could do it one by one…
At least I am out the gate! Filling up the “Projects“ section first… There are images in some of the others. But as of now… I have to start “somewhere”…

I am always looking for work and publishers and exhibition partners.

Thinking of moving a bit in the fashion/editorial direction with some of this.
But I am mostly open to just about “any” genre.
Now including commercials again.

Have fun, and please do not hesitate to buy images, or even better:
Just book me to make some new!

Here comes the stills…

All imagery on is © Gunleik Groven, unless otherwise stated. For TFP shoots, the images belong to me and the model.
It is possible to buy most images for editorial, commercial or stock usage. I’ll even sell you large prints of them….

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