Dragon and Alexa – Looking at resolution – Part 2: The base-images

Here are the basic frames I start off with (You will find the RAW files on the bottom of this page)

Dragon was shot at full resolution, (6144×3160) pixels.

Alexa was  shot at full resolution: (2880×1620) pixels
The following image illustrates the difference in captured pixels (Click image to get a 1:1 pixel representation):



The FOV of these two images is not equal, which made Geoff decide against publishing.
I was curious if I still would have a “relevant” frame for comparison if I cropped the Dragon image tomatch the FOV as the Alexa:


This gives a pretty interesting and relevant comparison IMHO. Dragon is cropped to a resolution of: 5280×2970 which is pretty much S35 FOV, like the Alexa.
This is a  relevant FOV for what many will  shoot the Dragon for. S35 is where all S35 optics work “out of the box” and where most DOPs know what FOV to expect from any particular lens.
And a lot of TV-series will have the 6k setting turned constantly “off” to save diskspace.

The images were shot on 85mm UltraPrimes at the same stop and rating (T22 @ 800ASA  on all cameras)

I used the Arriraw converter to export a 16-bit fullrez 16-bit LogC TIFF, and RCX to export a 16-bit RedLogFilm TIFF from the respective cameras.
No sharpening or ADD applied to either of the cameras in this part of the process.

For the Dragon image I eyeballed the FOV to match the Alexa and cropped that to be exactly 16:9. No scaling of the original image applied in this process.

For the scaling to 1080 and UHD, I used Photoshop and the “best” scaling-algorithm for uprez and downrez suggested by Photoshop.

AFTER making fullrez UHD and 1080 examples, I made a 770 pixels centercrop of both the UHD and 1080 developments, for easier web-comparison.
And finally I applied levels and a uniform 2-pixels 100% UnsharpMask to the resulting 770 pixels 1:1 crops from UHD and 1080.
I will make the 770 pixels centercrops downloadable as TIFFs. The rest will be low-compression .jpg’s.

The RAW frames can be downloaded here

On to part 3:
The scaled images.



If you like me to publish tests and have use of what I do, I do accept and appreciate contributions to the work through Paypal

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