Dragon and Alexa – Looking at resolution – Part 3: The scaled-images


Here is the UHD scale for Alexa and RED Dragon (click on the images and zoom in to get a 1:1, low compression .jpg):


The 770 pixels untouched center-crop:



The center-crop with unsharp mask applied:



And finally a link to an uncompressed TIFF of the log center-crop.



Fullrez 1080 scaled:




The 770 pixels log center-crop:



And the centercrop at 1080 scaled with unsharp mask applied:


And finally the unsharp mask TIFF

So far I have avoided commenting the results, but this final image really needs a bit of attention, before I move on to the final chapter of this writeup…

The difference in resolution at UHD, is just “as expected”. After all the Alexa image is upscaled and the Dragon is downscaled.
The difference at 1080 however is pretty interesting, as both the images are downsampled.
If you look at the upper left group of circles the difference is significant, even for 1080 delivery.

As to whether that is of any importance, I will discuss that in the final chapter of this comparison:

Resolution, does it matter?




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