Normaliteten (Normality), How it came to be, pt 2

July 2011 (yup, this is a long story, but you have to spend rendertime doing something)

Sanctuary was kinda “almost” finished, but didn’t really make it out the door. The angle on the narrator was yet not right, and we lacked a voice.
Tuva had convinced med that we should work on these two new major projects, “Normality” and an unrealized project.

It had become clearer to me that what we were working on and studying and collecting material for, since the start-up with Sanctuary, was something along the line of:
How do we humans lock eachother and ourselves in?
How do we manage to make the open space we live in, into personal deterministic prisons?
What things do we do to find some limited comprehensibility and ways to manage the lives we live and secure our immediate surroundings?

In short, our work was based a lot on “small relations” and the idea of “best intentions”.
Normality was to be the final of those movies. But despite having started to develop the script, it was far from ready to shoot.
So we decided to do something “simple with quick turnaround”. Shoot 5 “simple” shorts/concept-films in a week.

Those were:

  • Caught (Finished 2013)
  • Fat (More of an installation piece and video for a live performance. Finished 2012)
  • A day in the City (we thought of doing some silent-movie cliches)
  • A day in the countryside (Just a little blurb, really. Picnic in the green. Not finished)
  • I Love You (Another little blurb. Also still not finished)

On top of that, I had been working on the concept for “Words“, basically a visual story on how words lose their meaning, and I was looking for someone to film that with.
But even back then, these films were all part of a “project” that I just hoped to get done with. Interesting, but intense and dystopic ideas to focus.

The whole concept was as crazy and “Omvendt” as ever.

At this time, we had a visual concept for Normality which pretty much resembled Von Triers Dogville.
The framework of a house built in a studio, without walls, but with doors and windows.
We imagined the characters trying to escape, but could not, as they always would go for the locked doors and windows, instead of just walking through the open walls.

“The Son” was an aryan-looking, paranoid, controlling gamer with a gun-habit, randomly loading his weapons to shoot religious, colored and political freaks beseiging his home and property, as he saw it.

For the first time Tuva had managed to make me “see” the movie and a story and we thought that this would hopefully be “filmable within a year”.

I went on a holiday before the hell-week of work.
At a stopover in Paris, people were suddenly flocking around the laptopsand news.
A bomb had gone off in Oslo.

This was July 22nd 2011.

And things should take another few stray roads.

noramlity copy

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