Dragon and Sony F55 – resolution pt 1

Adding the F55 to the soup after the Alexa/Dragon comparison.
As with the previous post, the files are sourced from the CML/BSC/Geoff Boyle Bristol/UWE gathering in February.

Shot 4k raw, developed to 16-bit log-dpx with Sonys RAW viewer.

Initial comparison, both un-cropped. Dragon on top.

(Click on image to get a fullres jpg)




I’d say that the FOV of these is sufficient to just crop the Dragon into 16:9 and make the UHD/1080 comparisons from there.
here both cameras are cropped to 16:9




Here are the files (these are rather large as I had to export a DPX from the F55.

Next up:

The scaled comparisons.



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