3,5-camera look at resolution and noise: Dragon (+ADD), Alexa, F55 – pt 1 – Preface


Like the two previous analysis between Dragon and Alexa, and Dragon and F55, this writeup is based on the files recorded at the CML/UWE test conducted by Geoff Boyle.
As stated earlier, my write-ups are only to be considered supplementary to the huge amount of work Geoff did on these tests.

To sum the two previous articles up:


and this:

has so far taught me two things:

  1. Alexa produces the lowest resolution 1080 image, of the +2k cameras tested, even when shot at 2880 pixels RAW, and the results make me curious if the XT would fare any differently.
  2. The chart we shot for resolution, the way we shot it, does not really give a lot of valid info as to the other cameras resolution, as the other non 2k/non-Alexa cameras (when shot at highest resolution) outperform the chart with a good margin.

Now I am looking through some of the other material I have, to look at noise and resolution and see if I can see general (repeatable) tendencies in those.
And I guess I’ll have to make some moving image examples, in addition to the TIFF’s and jpg’s…

I will look at the “base” exposure from Geoff’s DR test, and two exterior shots I did with Alexa, Dragon and F55.
For this last part, I will look at the Dragon with and without ADD, as I think ADD even in its current form, could be a relevant option for high-end, short form delivery. Typically for high-end commercials and TV-promos.

I will look at the images “as is” and scaled, and focus on the parts of the images I find interesting.

When all that is done, I will make a movie available, scaled to 1080 and 1080 crops from an UHD master (to be able to look somewhat at the difference in performance at those two resolutions).

Raw files for all the examples will be made available.

Probably I will just publish as I go.

The frames

The first frame will be the “base” exposure from the DR test, and I have ringed in the areas of the image, I guess will be the most informative.

01_areas of interest



And the exterior shot.



BTW, this is stuff I do on my spare-time, and progress will be: as time allows.

Anyhow, I planned to go through this material when attending the test, so I will eventually get through.

I will do this in 4 pass.

  1. Extreme pixel-peeking pass where I zoom in beyond sense to see what happens in resolution and noise in the different cameras (scaled to Dragon and then at 200%)
    This pass may be considered silly, and if you feel provoked by that, just skip it. To me it is an interesting background for what I see in the next examples
  2. Scaled to UHD and 1:1 pixel-crops from areas of interest
  3. Scaled to 1080 and 1:1 pixel-crops from areas of interest
  4. Moving image at 1080, witj a few side-by sides.
    UHD, cropped to 1080, so you’ll see a 1:1 pixel crop from the UHD master

No more mumbo-jumbo! On to the first batch of comparisons!


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