3,5-camera look at resolution and noise: Dragon (+ADD), Alexa, F55 – pt 2 – Native resolution

A good way to start the party would be with fullraster unscaled images from all the cameras.

You have to click the jpg, to get to the fullraster low-compression image.

These frames are not all captured at the same second, but they are captured at the same stop and lighting setup and the lights are measured by Geoff Boyle and his lightmeter to be even for all the cameras.

Dragon was shot at 5,5k HD, all other cameras were shot at full resolution.


Dragon: Standard development:




Dragon, developed with ADD




ALEXA, from 16-bit LogC TIFF, created with the ARRIRAW-converter

RGB tiff image by MetisIP



F55 at full raster:




The exteriors:
Dragon ADD fullraster:



The Alexa – Fullraster



F55 Fullraster:




There is really no sensible way to compare these images without scaling them to a common size, that I can see, so I will do exactly that:
Scale them to Dragon resolution (to look at tendencies), UHD and1080 and look at the parts of the image I think I might find interesting info in.

So, move on to the scaled section.
1st: The extreme pixelpeeking pass


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