3,5-camera look at resolution and noise: Dragon (+ADD), Alexa, F55 – pt 3 – Extreme Pixel-peeking

Warning… :)

This page consists of extreme pixel-peeking.
If you find that offensive or unnecessary, just move on to the UHD or 1080 scales (which after all are the most relevant for UHD or 1080 delivery)

Anyhow. I find the pixelpeeking interesting to understand what goes on in the final deliverables, so I usually do a bit of that.
These images will not look god, and they are not meant to look good.




Now. The Alexa-resolution is “as expected”.

The surprise (if any) is the F55 after this test and the lack of difference between the ADD and the “Normal” Dragon.
The difference in the F55 image is basically due to the difference in image-type. Here there are tons of gradients and uncontrolled angles, while the resolutionchart did not have high enough resolution, and all the lines were pretty clear.
Sometimes charts do not really reveal the whole story.

But as I said, these are extreme examples, and I look at them just to see if it is possible to postulate tendencies, not to extract exact info.

Let’s have a look at ADD from the interior part of the test:



The noise/detail gain through ADD shines at the lower end of the exposure.
The highlight-difference isn’t all that.

(Again, make sure you click on the image and zoom in to 1:1 view when looking at this…)




Just the normal reminder: Click on the image to watch 1:1





And finally some deep shadows:


And that concludes the extreme comparison, On to the UHD samples 


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