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I hope to have “most relevant” images in here by July 2014. At the moment I am in the process of selecting/organizing and editing the images.
Expect the galleries to fluctuate and evolve a bit in the coming period.

Eventually I will implement a web-shop for prints and downloadable stills.

Until then, mail is the way to communicate.
I accept Paypal (and thus all major credit-cards).
Some of the images are unfortunately not  for sale.

Accept 3 weeks lead-time before shipping prints. They are made “on demand”.
Prices are excluding p&p, and that will be added as shipping is 

I will eventually mark the relevant images with an unique code, and you can use that in a mail to me if interested in buying any particular image, but thus far, just request any image you are interested in.


I will sell files both with exclusive and non-exclusive licences. And for private, editorial and commercial applications.
Shoot me a mail if you want a particular file.

Prints on aluminium:

Up to 20×20 cm:
99,- Euros.
Signed series 1-100

Up to 30x30cm:
199,- Euros
Signed series 1-75

Up to 50×50 cm
499,- Euros
Signed series 1-50

Up to 100×100 cm
999,- Euros
Signed series 1-30

Most of the images can be delivered at these sizes
If you want larger prints, most of the wide prints can be delivered up to 150 cm

Up to 150cm wide:
1.499,- Euros
Signed series 1-20

If you want prints on other material than aluminum, that is possible (plexiglass/canvas/foam/photo-paper/aluminum with plexiglass front)
The material can influence the price.

Some of the prints can print even bigger, but if you have a request for even larger prints than 150cm wide, I must look into that particular image.

Norwegian customers will have to pay 25% VAT, and you will get an invoice/receipt.

If you have inquiries about any particular image, contact me at:

If you are interested in bulk-buying images for hotels/restaurants/public spaces, let’s chat.


All imagery on is © Gunleik Groven, unless otherwise stated. For TFP shoots, the images belong to me and the model.
It is possible to buy most images for editorial, commercial or stock usage. I’ll even sell you large prints of them….