Gunleik Groven (filmwork)



Born March 22nd 1969
Educated in music, and worked primarely as musician/composer 1990 – 2002
Jumped to film/images in 2002.

Debuted in 2004 with “Little fair Maid”, which won prices all over the world 2004-2006.
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Established “Vulture” a production-company in 2006, mostly producing commercials and corporate films.
In 2008-2009, started moving back to feature-type productions with shorts, and finally, after meeting Tuva Hennum on the set of a short where Gunleik was DoP and Tuva was actor (they initially met working a full day alone on the rudimentary “desperate nude woman in the shower” scene) , they found common ground for a cooperation which has lasted to this day, and the fall 2009, they  started shooting Sanctuary.
Omvendt has become their common label for  filmwork.
Omvendt has a double meaning in Norwegian.
Contrary/Conversely on one hand, but it is also the same word used when someone Converts in a religious context.

In 2009 Gunleik also started the cooperation with the producer Egil Odegard and his production-company Filmhuset.
Omvendt has been a sub-unit of Filmhuset ever since.

Winter 2009/2010, he was in Iraq working on the Norwegian/Kurdish featurefilm RED Heart (IMDB)

In 2010 he was invited to work in the Drama-section of the Norwegian Broadcast Corporation, and was mainly based there for 2,5 years, 2010 – 2012. Which effectively slowed down the progress of the Omvendt productions.
At NRK he worked on:
Schmokk (IMDB) – (Conform/online/post-supervision)
TAXI (IMDB) – (Camera operator, workflow, conform, online)
Erobreren (IMDB) – (Workflow planning, conform/online)
Julekongen (IMDB) – (B-roll, workflow, conform/online)
In addition to planning workflows, testing cameras and signalchains for a multitude of other series.

In 2010 he also started teaching for short periods at the Norwegian Filmschool under professor DoP Kjell Vassdal

He  shot the first few months of the nrk documentary on the July 22nd Oslo/Utøya massacre and Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breiviks very literal carnage through Norwegian political establishment.

Leaving NRK the fall of 2012, he took up the thread with Filmhuset from spring 2013.
And finished:
Sanctuary (2013) – Short film
Caught (2013) – Short film
Nora (2013) – Music Video
STUFF (2013) – Music videos
Sweet (2013) – Short film

In addition to being the DoP on the documentary (in production) “A little bit about my father”, a documentary made by the daughter of a multi-criminal on the Oslo-Police’s very Important Criminal list, and doing general freelance filmwork on-set and in post on commercials and featurefilms.

Normality (2014) was filmed summer 2013, and started the formal cooperation with Equippe/Jon Michael Puntervold.

After winning some prices for Sanctuary, Omvendt received  support from the Norwegian Filminstitute, for the postproduction of Normality.

Current work:
Normality (2014) – short film, not yet premiered
#godtnorsk (2014) – a series of propagandistic really-shorts, looking at Norwegian Virtues
Words (in post) – Short film

Words conclude a series of 4 films (Caught, Sanctuary, Normality and Words), that in different ways are focused on conformity and social control as a common subject.
Together they have a runtime of close to 45 minutes.

Currently Gunleik is working on developing a feature-project based in a series of novels. (still untitled and in early stages)
General freelance filmwork.
Started a cooperation with Kolonihaven

Fall 2014, The Norwegian Filminstitute will run an event with most of his films and an exhibition of his stills at the Norwegian House for Film in Oslo.

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