Tuva Hennum – (Actor/Director)



Born Nov 14th 1984

Stage and film-actor, director and producer.

Tuvas idea of a good laugh, is self-flagellation with a 5kg North-Sea Cod, in the final moments of a film discussing human hatred.
Bringing absurdity, distance and magic realism into the mix of the projects she enters, alongside normal virtues like work-dicipline, craft and non-stop research.

Tuva is educated as a theatre actor and has acted in a multitude of plays and short-films, outside her director/script-writer/actor cooperation with Gunleik Groven under the common umbrella, Omvendt.

Sanctuary was Tuvas debut as a film-director, and landed Omvendt the prestigeous Terje Vigen price at the Norwegian Shortfilm festival in Grimstad, June 2013.

In Omvendt, she’s been co-directing, acting in and writing:

  • Butter (2012 – installation/performance + film)
  • Sanctuary (2013)
  • Nora (2013) Music Video
  • STUFF II (2013) Music Video
  • Caught (2013)
  • #godtnorsk (2014) a series of ultrashort propagandistic films celebrating Norwegian Virtues
  • Normaliteten (2014) Finnished and being distributed to festivals
  • I Love You (in postproduction)
  • A day in the countryside (in postproduction)

Tuva is currently working on developinga feature-length project based in Norwegian myths and fairytails, alongside doing ultrashort propagandistic-movies like Feed The World and the #godtnorsk project.